Mother’s Day

I love Mother’s Day because it celebrates my favorite person in the world. My mom is my everything and represents my family, my home, and who I am. Even though she currently lives more than 4,000 miles away, she is the closest person who knows everything about me and always cheers me up and makes me feel happy in life.

I also love Mother’s Day because it encourages children to make a craft. Usually, in collaboration with the school, children prepare a projectfor a period of time. I remember when I was in elementary school making a Mother’s Day card, a wicker basket, and flowers. I found a Mother’s Day gift being one of the most special presents for a mother because it is made with love and attention. The child constantly thinks while making it that it will go to one of the most important people in his or her life, who will be so happy and proud. My mother’s face while opening my present was definitely the best moment and I was always so excited for it!

There is a mom of two boys who I particularly appreciate in New York. She has two wonderful boys aged 1 and 2 years old. For Mother’s Day 2017, I decided to help these two cuties making a cute Mother’s Day Card she will remember forever.

Here is what we used:


Trace your kid’s hand on a piece of construction paper.

Trace the kid's hand

Cut and glue the hand on another construction paper that you previously fold in half.

Cut & Glue

Add the two leaves on top of the hands, as well as the pot. Add decoration to the pot.

Et Voila 🙂
Final card

Inside the card

The boys insisted on writing a special note



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