Earth Day

Earth Day

On April 22 we will be celebrating Eath Day! Earth Day isn’t a celebration that I used to consider but more and more I think it is important to communicate to our friends and children how important it is to take care of our planet. Global warming is permanently changing the Earth’s climate and thinking of what we can do to reduce it is a priority.

Please visit the Clean Air Kids website as well as the Nasa’s Climate Kids website to read what is helpful to do as a child and to understand the challenges of the Global Warming:

I met with Alberto who was super happy to make this Earth Day Craft. We wanted to represent our planet and our responsibility as human being to take care of it as well as a word that would represent peace in the world.
Here are the supplies you will need:



On the plate, lightly and approximately draw the different continents and put it on the side. Ask you child to trace his or her hand on a skin color piece of paper and then cut it.

Trace and Cut the hand

Use the green and blue paint inside and outside the lines of the continents.

Paint in Blue and Green

Glue the hands on the back of the plate and put stickers with a word that represent something to your child.

Glue the hands + put stickers

Look at this cutie who is proud to care about the planet

Final Project


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