Easter Rabbits

Easter – Swinging Rabbits

I love Easter. I think it is my second favorite celebration after Christmas. My favorite tradition of Easter is to hide eggs in a yard or a living room and have children look for them. I also used to paint boil eggs with my mom and will always remember how talented she was to make these designs and using all different colors.

Today we wanted to make a craft representing one of the most famous animals during Easter; A Rabbit.

Maya and Kamil who worked on this craft today were fascinated by the fact that even thought the rabbit was running way faster than the turtle in the Fables of Jean de la Fontaine, the turtle won over the rabbit because it wasn’t distracted while advancing to the arrival line.

We made fun of the rabbit and then thought of this running rabbit. How could we make a moving rabbit? Here is the answer – We will show you how to make a swinging rabbit!

Here is what you’ll need:


First step

Rabbit Ears + Eyes

Final Rabbits


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