Welcome Spring!

St Patrick’s Day was so much fun. I live in the Bronx, New York and I had the opportunity to go to the parade last Friday which was so much fun. The city turned green and got filled with people, all happy to be celebrating spring, life, and drink. I love this period of the year when the sun is well present and the snow finally starts melting. I particularly like the arrival of spring this year because it marks the end of eventual snow storms.

I went to visit Maya (6 years old) who is a brilliant little girl. She loves to do everything by herself and is very creative. Unfortunately, she did not get to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, so we decided to make an easy-to-make St Patrick’s Day craft that would also celebrate the arrival of spring. As a tribute to the shamrock which is a symbol of the St Patrick’s Day, we decided to make a four leaf clover that has an extra leaf which makes the person who owns it especially lucky.

-1 Green Paper
-1 Stapler

First, we trace five bands of Green Paper and cut them:

Trace and Cut Bands
Trace and Cut Bands


We fold one band to create a heart (which Maya finds it awesome :)) and carefully staple the two ends. I wouldn’t advise children under 6 years old to use the stapler by themselves and the supervision of an adult is always necessary.

Fold and Staple

Finally, we assembly all the hearts together and we fold the stem that we also going to connect to the hearts.

Assembly the hearts
Assembly the hearts

Maya felt so proud (and extra lucky) to make this very special four leaf clover!

Final four leaf clover
Final four leaf clover

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