St Patricks Day Hat

St Patrick’s Day Hat by Arielle

I feel so grateful I had the opportunity to make some craft with this very special little princess named Arielle. At 6 years old, Arielle is a girl full of joy and creativity who loves to record herself doing a variety of tutorials and making crafts. She represents this new generation that is comfortable using Youtube and manifests the need to create and share with others. I told her that I was writing a blog called TinkerTimeCraft and that I would love to make a craft with her that I will feature on the blog. She was so excited and comfortable about the idea that I decided to have her explain to you the steps through a video craft.

We started to talk about the St Patrick Day celebration which is in a few days on March 17th. Everybody will be wearing green, eat and drink, and there will be a parade in the city.
I wanted to make something cute Arielle could use to play with or just to decorate her bedroom. I proposed to her to make a St Patrick’s Day Hat. Her mission will be to paint, to cut, and to glue which are tasks that, at 6 years old, she enjoys doing and is still greatly improving.

Click this link if you want to know more about the NYC St Patricks Day Parade on March 17th 2017.

Here are the supplies we used:
– 1 Paper Toilet Roll
– Green Paint + 1 Paintbrush
– 1 Green Paper
– 1 Black Paper
– Glitters or Confetti

Please, enjoy Arielle’s St Patrick’s Day Craft Hat!!





One thought on “St Patrick’s Day Hat by Arielle

  1. It was a pleasure to have my daughter work with Pauline they created such amazing crafts together. Learning Arts and Crafts could be very important it gives your brain a chance to create incredible stuff. I hope to see more cool crafts I could continue to do with my daughter.. Thank you Pauline. We love your craft ideas.


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