GoodBye Winter! Review of Oriental Trading’s Tissue Paper Snowman Craft Kit

What a nice way to say goodbye to the coldest season by making a cute snowman.
Notify your kid that the sun is back and the weather is warmer.
So which season is coming next? SPRING !!!
So it looks like it is time to say GoodBye to Winter!

Goodbye Winter

I found this very cool craft in my Craft Box from Oriental Trading that I kept from a Winter Class I was teaching a few years ago. This project is super fun to make especially for young kids. They will love the sensation of making it!

Here is what is included. You will just need glue and a piece of tape!
Here the link to order it:


Have your kid peel the sticker off, which is already so much fun to do!!
Put the scarf and buttons. Then, show your kid how to smash a couple of pieces white and how to simply push them down the snowman. You can basically let the child do the whole bottom area by him or herself.

Peel and Stick!
Peel and Stick!

Put the smile follow by byt the cheeks that will go on the two sides. Between the cheeks place the carrot nose and the eyes on the top. Finally, place the band for the hat.

Repeat the smashing with the black pieces for the hat!

Add Scarf, Nose, Cheeks, Smile, Hat

Make the arms and have your kid glue them on the back of the snow!
Finally tape the hanger on the back and DONE!

Final Jeff


Sid and I named him Jeff 🙂


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