Grandpa’s Birthday Cake Card

Today is Sid’s grandpa’s birthday and Sid will be going all the way to Boston to celebrate the special day.
Sid insisted on making a birthday cake card. It is a little hard for him to make the exact perfect birthday cake card he pictures in his head but we will make it happen.

Very simple tools we will need here:
-Two colored pieces of paper

Pick two colored pieces of paper. Fold one of them in two and draw one line at the top and the bottom of the folded paper. Cut the parts round to shape the top and bottom of the birthday cake. Have your kid cut a few sticks that will represent the candles with the other colored piece of paper.

Cake Card Preparation
Cake Card Preparation

Glue the candles on the back of the card and start to decorate the front!

Putting the Candles on the Birthday Cake
Putting the Candles on the Birthday Cake

I divided the front of the card for Sid and he just had to paint it.
He started with the frosting…


Sid also picked the color red and brown to finish painting the cake.
As soon as it dried, we can decorate it!
We used confetti and stickers…

Here are good confetti you can purchase at Michael’s for $1.79


Painted Birthday Cake Card

With the markers, create the fire on the candles.
Finally, open the card and use letter stickers to write “Happy Birthday GrandPa!”
I just love how Sid loves his GrandPa. Any occasion is good to celebrate their special relationship.

Final Birthday Cake Card



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