Cutie Birdies

It has been a couple of days now that I hear the birds when I wake up in the morning. It fascinates me to hear them and it brings me happiness.
Is it a sign that winter is on its way out? I feel to only think about birds during this period of the year when it gets warmer and when we all get to spend a little more time outside.

I love birds and have always found them being a beautiful representation of freedom, and I believe children particularly appreciate them. I am sure they all wish they could fly just like birdies do. If you think about it, birds are such a fun subject to study! The variety of the species, their feathers, colors, and their sound are so much fun to discover. Many books explain the different variety of birds, and especially if you live in a house, I more than recommend you to get one!

For now, I had the chance to spend my evening with Maya and Nina who wanted to make cute birdies.

For our cute birdies we used:

-Paper Plate
-Street stems
-Piece of string

We had fun mixing red and blue with white to get nice light colors.



Mixing Colors

Simply draw a wave through the paper plate to shape the bird and paint it the color your kid wishes. Make sure to nicely round the head and sharp the tail.

Cut and Paint the birdy
Cut and Paint the birdy

As soon as it dried, add the eye and decorate the bird, which is awesomely totally up to your kid’s imagination! Since I was with two girls the birds had to look loving and pretty. We put feathers, hearts, and a beak that we painted in yellow.
The last step is the paws! We simply taped them on the back of the birds.

To be able to see them and to have them decorating the house I taped a piece of string on their back to have them hang on the door.

Hope you’ll enjoy the result:

Final Craft
Final Craft

I am thinking to make a nice birdhouse this spring!
Have you ever made one?


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