Front Door Wreath

Winter is not finished yet! 2 Winter Wreaths

Sun and nice temperatures came back for the past few days in New York and it feels so good to go outside and enjoy the warm sunshine. Winter break started right after Presidential Day and all the children go back to playgrounds and start to imagine how their summer will look like.
However, as we say in France “en Avril ne te decouvre pas d’un fil” (Warm weather in April isn’t to be trusted) and since we are still in March, let’s stay for half an hour inside for this cute winter craft.

I would like to share two type of wreath that we made with Sid.
Here is the first wreath we made before Christmas and is still hanging on the front door.

We made it with two simple supplies:
– a Styrofoam Wreath
-old clothes
-Christmas decoration

You can order this nice Styrofoam Wreath at Joann (which is one of my favorite craft stores)
for $3.99.

Simply cut strips on your old clothes. Have the child put the strips around the wreath and node them. The more colorful your old clothes are, the more beautiful the wreath will look!
It is a good exercise to learn how to make nodes, and so funny to work on this big Styrofoam Wreath!

Front Door Wreath
Front Door Wreath

What a pride to say it was made by your 3 years old.


The second wreath I would like to review comes from the Oriental Trading. I love this website but be aware you will need to order in bulk quantity (approximately a dozen). This craft mainly involves gluing which is something Sid is very good at. This is how it looks:

Oriental Trading Winter Wreath

I suggested Sid to put the big snowflakes first, the snowmen on them, and the white snowflakes between each.

Process of making the snow wreath
Process of making the snow wreath

Sid was so happy and proud! He has an outdoor wreath and an indoor one!
To each door its wreath!!

Final Winter Wreath


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