President’s Day Craft Ideas

I had the chance to make some craft with three adorable and very talented children;
Ju (11) Raph(7), and Ludi (4)

We discussed President’s Day and what it means for them (unsurprisingly not much)
I explained to them that this day is a celebration honoring the presidents of the United States. I asked to them which ones do they know. I was pleased to hear some names such as George Washington, recent Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, as well as the most recent; Bill Clinton and George W Bush, and Barack Obama.

Now, these kids and I are immigrants from France. So we pretty much laughed at the idea to celebrate Donald Trump’s presidential. But oh well…

This is what we read together:
“Thomas Jefferson was known for penning the Declaration of Independence and organizing the Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1804. He introduced to the country waffles, ice cream, and macaroni. He was also the first person in America to grow a tomato, as prior to that tomatoes were believed to be poisonous.”

So as an awesome instructor, I brought them mini waffles 🙂

Extract from:

The three kids wanted to do their own craft.

Ju, the oldest is very smart and dedicated. He fist wanted to make a one dollar bill but found more interesting drawing a map of the US. He was looking at a map on Google images and drew this pretty awesome map.

Map of the United States - Drawing - Coloring

Raph wanted to paint! He opted for an American flag on wood sticks. He drew the flag on a piece of paper where he wrote the color he would use and where he would put them.

Flag of the United States - Paint - Star stickers - Glue Gun

Ludi wanted to make a star and loved the idea of gluing a coin to it. We used the shape of a star as a model. Ludi cut and glued all the stars on the top of each other. I glued the coin using a glue gun. She couldn’t resist adding some feathers on it 😉

Star - Colored Paper - Quater - Glue Gun - Glue - Scissors

Hope you’ll all have a nice Presidential Day and enjoy the day off to make some craft with kids!

And don’t forget the waffles & ice cream !!!


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