Artistic Freedom!


I believe it is important to do activities and share knowledge with children. I truly think that creating something new with kids contributes to their independence and personal development but also allows developing a good connection with the instructor.

When Sid (3) and I do craft, I most of the time have everything ready for him to create and build what I know he will be able to do by himself. I chew the job for him to adapt the task in order for him to have fun and to develop his skills. For example, I will make sure that all shapes that need to be painted are cut and ready for him. He will be able to focus on one task and put all his attention on it. He often asks to cut the piece of paper to prepare the shape, which is awesome because he shows the desire to try new things. So let’s say that I like everything to be structured and organized. But I also like to give the children total freedom.

I can’t expect to have a kid focused if he or she does not know his or her limits or the point to where he or she can reach. Today I asked Sid to paint by himself and to draw whatever he wanted. At 3 years old he made these awesome two men, touches the paint on the paintbrush, changes the color, and experiments new practices.

A freedom of expression is also a form of learning. New skills can be discovered and limits highlighted. Painting in free hands brings out self-confidence, imagination, and peacefulness. It is a special moment when the kid is focused on creating his or her own art, and in a certain way, to express the kid’s thoughts and his or her own insight.


You too, express yourself!


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