Poké Ball Valentine’s Cards

I found it so surprising to observe the enthusiastic come back of the Pokémons through the Pokémon Go game.
I remember watching the Pokémons on TV fifteen years ago and I have always enjoyed these little cute creatures. The most astonishing fact about this come back in 2016 was probably to predict who was playing Pokémon Go by watching people walking in the street with their phones.

At 3 years old, Sid already has a pretty impressive collection of Pokémons cards which inspired me to make a cute Poké Ball Valentine’s Cards.

Here are the supplies we used:

Supplies for Poké Balls Valentine's Cards
Supplies for Poké Balls Valentine’s Cards

When our friends Nam 4 years old and Mia 2 years came over, they were very excited to strat the Poké Balls Valentine’s Cards.

Before starting the craft, it is fun to go over some Pokémon pictures from the most popular such as Pikachu to some less known. The children can share their favorite and explain what the Pokémons have the power to do.

We then started the project by painting the semi-circle as well as the half circle with red paint. We spread some glitter on the semi-circle which will be glued on the top left side of the circle.

Let’s also paint the rectangle piece of paper in black as well as some glitter before gluing it on the bottom of the semi-circle.

Poké Ball Step by step
Poké Ball Step by step

While Sid, Nam, and Mia are having some fun, I picked some easy-to-draw Pokémons and challenge my artistic skills!
I used these awesome Crayola markers which have a nice variety of colors.


Pokémon Cards and Crayola Markers
Pokémon Cards and Crayola Markers

You can find them here:

Ones the semi-circle is glued to the circle, let’s glue a little red heart and the Pokemon!

Pokémon on the Poké Ball
Pokémon on the Poké Ball

We added a cute note and here’s the final result!

Final Poké Balls
Final Poké Balls

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