Owls Valentine's Day Cards

Owl Valentine’s Day Card

Let’s spread some love because it’s about this period of the year!!

Let’s make a Valentine’s Day Card!!

I remember the popular success of the super cute owls I made last year from Oriental Trading. I actually just found out there is a promotion for this same owl which was $11.99 before and now $9.98 for 12 of them.
It is a very easy-to-make owl, which mostly consists of putting stickers on.
It’s a lot of fun and perfect for children between 3-9 years old.

Mine is missing an ear but still stays adorable:

One Year Old Owl
One Year Old Owl

Find the link below to order a dozen of them:

I felt like challenging myself this year a little more and decided to make a cute Owl from scratch with my favorite crafter Sid.

Here are the supplies we used:

Supplies Needed - Paper Plate - Glue - Paint - WonderFoam - Paintbrushes -Wonder Foam
Supplies Needed – Paper Plate – Glue – Paint – WonderFoam – Paintbrushes -Wonder Foam

For the paint, I highly recommend using the very popular Crayola Washable Paint for kids. You’ll have a selection of nice color at a decent price and it is very easy to wash.


Let’s have Sid paint the plate and two eyes circles!

Washable Crayola Pink Paint on Paper Plate
Washable Crayola Pink Paint on Paper Plate

Crayola offers also nice paintbrushes that can produce bold, broad strokes and fine, detailed lines as the ones from Ikea, which I used for the Melissa & Doug Airplane.

Go take a look if you missed it!

For the Owl’s ears, its nose, and the little hearts we used a pink paper and wonder foam.
If you or the kid are good at cutting then definitely go for it!

Cut In Pink Paper


Otherwise here are two links to find wonder foam. I personally like to always have them with me because they are useful to decorate anything.

Foam Craft Foil Foam Heart Stickers, 1oz: https://tinyurl.com/jpuhzvb (WalMart, $1.97)

WonderFoam 1/2 Pound Tub: https://tinyurl.com/jlttrwq (Amazon,$11.74)

For the Pom Poms we used the only ones we had because of Sid’s obsession with blue that you can find for $3,99 at Target.

Pom Poms from Target
Pom Poms from Target

Otherwise, for more variety and color, take a look at the Oriental Trading website, they have very good prices.


Owl's Pom Poms Eyes
Owl’s Pom Poms Eyes

Finally as an optional step let’s have the kids enjoy with some glitter!!

Here are some very good ones!


Two Valentine's Day Owls
Two Valentine’s Day Owls

Sid was so proud to make a Valentine’s Day Owl Card.

Final Owls
Final Owls

He told me he can’t wait to give it to Mom 🙂


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